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Bubble Up

We need to get behind policies that make bubble up economics happen. We need to raise the minimum wage and institute paid family and medical leave, but also provide tax credits and incentives for businesses that reward increased hiring and investment in the workforce.

bubble up

To bubble up information is to expose the information at a higher reporting level. For example, you might have a local team report that goes into detail over all the work items the team is responsible for and the corresponding status of each item. The data from this report may bubble up into a group report, which summarizes the work item status across all teams.

As another example, if there is an error condition in a particular item, the error may be reported on the status page for that item, and it may bubble up to the status page for the container as well (meaning that the information will be reported there, too).

This is seriously the most ingenious meal ever. I LOVE it! I'd just pick it apart with my hands and eat it. Thank you so much for this great idea! I'm going to start stocking biscuit cans in my fridge just so I can make this bubble pizza on days I don't really feel like cooking.

Bubble UpStatistics Strength Health Cost--1RaritySuper-RareClassTribeSuperpower TrickAbilitiesMove a Plant. It gets +4.Who doesn't like bubbles? Zombies...that's who.Bubble Up is a super-rare plant superpower trick card in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and a member of the Guardian class. 041b061a72


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