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Watch American Horror Stories S01E07 Game Over ...

The latest episode of American Horror Stories, "Game Over," offers its most meta narrative yet with a mother named Michelle, struggling to bond with her son. Rather than watch American Horror Story with him, she nearly goes broke to create a survival horror video game based on the series. The episode's disjointed narrative introduces two horror fans, Dylan and Connie, early in the episode, who take part in an escape room at the Murder House. However, they quickly discover the horror is real and are promptly chased and killed by the series' most famous killers, revealing it was all a part of the video game.

Watch American Horror Stories S01E07 Game Over ...

Nicholas Brooks has been writing professionally for over a decade, covering many aspects of pop culture from film and video games to comics and anime. Writing has remained his passion in that time and loves to theorize and pick apart unique connections in franchises like Marvel, Jurassic Park and much more. In his spare time, he could be found working on his bookstagram, collecting figures, reading comics or watching movies with his girlfriend.

Rory complains to the video game developer (his mother, Michelle) about the sluggish controls and the inconsistencies between the show and the game's events. Particularly he notes that AHS fans will be upset about Adelaide's status and the non-sequitor characters from non-Murder House seasons in that environment. He goes on to detail why fans are drawn to the Murder House plotline because the victims are trapped based on their own human failings. He prepares to leave, and his apologetic mother is confused about his reaction. She has committed all her resources to building this game, and hoped that she and Rory could bond over it. He replies that she could have simply watched the show with him and that she doesn't get the "vibe". He says that he will be staying with his father, as things in the house have gotten strange lately.

American Horror Stories has swiftly succeeded its predecessor as the new horror TV series in the American Story franchise. The series comprises individual stories that are shown over the span of one or two episodes. 041b061a72


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