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How to Customize Your Ark Single Player Settings for More Fun and Challenge

When you set up a single-player server on ARK, there are a few sections of settings to go through before you even spawn on the island. These manage many aspects of the game, including creature levels, character experience, and whether structures take damage.

Ark Best Settings For Single Player

Choosing settings for a single-player session of ARK is all about personal preference and time management. Think about the kind of experience you want to have before you start adjusting settings and moving sliders around.

Dino, player, and structure damage settings measure how much damage different things do. If you want to deal more damage, turn player damage up. If you want to take less damage from wild creatures, turn dino damage down. I prefer to keep these settings at the default of 1.0.

The structure damage repair cooldown is how long the structure will wait to repair after taking damage. Lower the number if you want to have your buildings healed more quickly. I generally leave it at default for single-player ARK games.

The PVE Timer and System Time settings are ones you can ignore. They involve changing the world from PVE to PVP at certain times. The tribal settings are also largely unnecessary in single-player games.

Single Player Settings are a set of game parameters that can be set to customize your single-player experience in the survival game Ark: Survival Evolved. These are designed to give you the best possible gaming experience in terms of performance, visuals, and immersion.

While most people enjoy playing this game with other players. You can still very much play this game by yourself and for that, you need to modify your settings. Here are the best settings to play Ark single player.

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@HalfSlabBacon Dude thanks a lot! I am looking to start breeding and without any serious science put into the numbers wasn't too far off but couldn't quite figure out how to get 100% imprint. It's nice to be able to enjoy the game as everyone else but within the limited time available. I wish there was a setting similar to single player settings but adding more to it like "single player, parent with young kids, full time job, still trying to develop other skills in life, pregnant wife no free time but still wakes up hella early to play while it's quiet and sun hasn't even risen holy crap I'm out of coffee". You know something like that.

Just how important is it to be spot on with these numbers? i have been playing singleplayer, and have opted to use the singleplayer settings which have an effect on some of these values, which make it so i can't (as far as i know) get the values exactly to what you have listed, instead of getting a mature speed of 45 its like 44.998 (or near that) and my cuddle interval is somewhere between .009 and .010.

is this just a goof on my end, or a consequence of using the singleplayer settings? if its the latter i wish i could find more information on it since it seems like there is very little explanation on all that it changes, cause if i could tweek the settings in a way that gave the same tamed dino buffs and boss dino nerfs that the single player settings supposably do i would just disable the setting and have my server settings able to be precise in how i want them...

does changing the ini file numbers and making it read only stop the single player settings option from multiplying the value? if so wont that break everything else the setting does (to clearify im talking about the option under the settings tab to use "singleplayer settings" that makes a bunch of adjustments to taming speed etc) that make the game more bearible to play solo, however i still feel the breeding is too slow and wanted to adjust that but it seems having that option checked just multiplies the base value by a specific amount eg it multiplies taming by 2.5x so my taming speed of 5 is actually 12.5 (this stuff i could just set on my own but since i can't find a list of ALL of the changes the setting does to make the bosses soloable etc i can;t fully emulate it) so if i put mature speed to 45 if i am right about everything else it would actually be 45x 36.79 which would be a problem so i tried making it so it multiplied a number to equal 45 but with only 3 decimals to work with the closest i can get is 44.998, and its the same with the other values, all just slightly off

great, i was hoping that i was just being bad at finding the information.... well you mentioned you run servers for people who don't have a ton of time to play, any recommendations on what all to set stuff to for a singleplayer experience that is not hyper easy but also allows me to do stuff in a reasonable amount of time, as well as take on bosses and alphas.

also on the topic of breaking stuff... my current singleplayer server wont have any lasting effects from disabling that setting and adjusting everything to where it will work for what im looking for will it? what will happen to the engram points i have since the singleplayer setting makes you get a ton of them when leveling? do i still have to go into the ini and manually edit each levels engram rewards? what about my dinos? my theri has a ton of hp and melee % dmg cause of the setting, will he weaken into a normal theri or stay super? what if i want to keep my tamed dinos being a bit stronger than vanilla? and lastly is there a way to speed up things that have to ferment like beer and jerky, and anything else that is similar?

You don't really need to change that much. The only settings that will effect your player or dinos is if you start adjusting difficulty, levels or multipliers for either. Even then the game just adjusts everything to scale accordingly. In short your dino & player xp along with engrams will be just fine.

Would this work on xbox bc I was messing with my settings a long time ago and got a 0.1 imprint bc 4% with 3 to 4 hour wait was killer took 2 weeks in single player to raise a wyvern didn't feel worth it after it was done never would do it again


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