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Subtitle Peter Pan

Bride and Prejudice (PG-13 for sexual references). Bollywood meets Hollywood in this musical version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Here, it's Mrs. Bakshi (Nadira Babbar) who's the meddling mother intent on finding appropriate suitors like the well-heeled Will Darcy (Martin Henderson) for her four beautiful daughters. In English, Hindi, and Punjabi with subtitles.

subtitle Peter Pan

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Nobody Knows (PG-13 for mature themes and sexual references). True tale from Tokyo about an irresponsible single mom with four pre-teen kids by four different fathers who leaves her brood home alone to fend for themselves while she runs off with her latest lover. In Japanese with subtitles.

Sterritt *** Celebrants gather in Delhi for the Punjabi wedding of an Indian-American groom and an Indian bride who's not sure she's ready for matrimony. Despite its entertaining trappings, this is a thoughtful story, touching on sensitive issues of sexuality and child abuse. Nair hasn't lost her eye for revealing details of personality, behavior, and environment. In English, Hindi, and Punjabi with English subtitles.

Sterritt **** Pépé is a gifted French criminal who's moved his operation to the Casbah, where he lords it over friends and foes until a slinky French temptress leads him into a romantic muddle that proves his downfall. Made in 1937, this masterpiece of poetic realism features one of Gabin's most renowned performances, a smart subtext about French colonialism, and enough exotic atmosphere to keep your head in the clouds long after the final scene. In French with English subtitles.

Sterritt ** In the modest Italian city of Ancona, a gentle psychotherapist and his family face unexpected trauma when his teenage son dies. Don't look for Moretti's comic touch and autobiographical approach in this drama, which relies on straightforward screenwriting for its emotional power. Moretti's acting skills aren't up to the demands of the main role, and his portrait of family life is too simplistic to be credible. In Italian with English subtitles.

Dissidence (esp. the role of scientists), arts and letters (esp. poetry),commercial and economic explosion, youth culture, popular culture...Recommended (grossly inadequate):Fang Lizhi, Bringing Down the Great WallAdeeb Khalid, Central Asia: A New History from the Imperial Conquests to the Present [i.e., from the 1700s to 2020]Gary King, Jennifer Pan and Margaret E. Roberts, "How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument" [PDF preprint]H. Lyman Miller, Science and Dissent in Post-Mao China: The Politics of Knowledge [Despite the faux pas of making the title more informative than the subtitle] Kalpana Misra, From Post-Maoism to Post-Marxism: The Erosion of Offical Ideology in Deng's ChinaMartin King Whyte, "Paradoxes of China's Economic Boom",Annual Review of Sociology35 (2009): 371--392Jianying Zha, China Pop: How Soap Operas, Tabloids, andBestsellers Are Transforming a CultureTo read:Yuen Yuen Ang, How China Escaped the Poverty TrapNimrod Baranovitch, China's New Voices: Popular Music,Ethnicity, Gender, and Politics, 1978--1997Timothy Brook, Quelling the PeopleIan Buruma, Bad Elements: Chinese Rebels from Los Angeles to BeijingChen Guidi and Wu Chuntao, Will the Boat Sink the Water?The Life of China's PeasantsCi Jiwei, Dialectic of the Chinese Revolution: FromUtopianism to HedonismTom Cliff, Oil and Water:Being Han in XinjiangGloria Davies, Worrying about China: The Language of ChineseCritical InquiryBruce J. Dickson, Wealth into Power: The CommunistParty's Embrace of China's Private SectorJames Farrer, Opening Up: Youth Sex Culture and Market Reformin ShanghaiRobert C. Feenstra and Gordon H. Hanson, "Ownership and Control inOutsourcing to China: Estimating the Property-Rights Theory of the Firm", The Quarterly Journalof Economics 120 (2005): 729--761Mary Elizabeth Gallagher, Contagious Capitalism:Globalization and the Politics of Labor in ChinaJulian Gewirtz, Unlikely Partners: Chinese Reformers, Western Economists, and the Making of Global China [There is an interestingexcerpt on Joan Robinson]Dru C. Gladney, Muslim Chinese: Ethnic Nationalism in thePeople's RepublicPeter Hays Gries, China's New Nationalism: Pride, Politicsand Diplomacy[favorable reviewin Dissent]Doug Guthrie, Dragon in a Three-Piece Suit: The Emergenceof Capitalism in ChinaBen Hillman, Patronage and Power:Local State Networks and Party-State Resilience in Rural ChinaHooper, Youth in ChinaCharlotte Ikels, The Return of the God of Wealth: TheTransition to a Market Economy in Urban ChinaIan Johnson, Wild Grass: Three Stories of Change in Modern ChinaChing Kwan Lee, Against the Law: Labor Protests in China'sRustbelt and SunbeltYi-min Lin, Between Politics and Markets: Firms, Competition,and Institutional Change in Post-Mao China Perry Link, Evening Chats in Beijing: Probing China'sPredicamentBarry Naughton, The Chinese economy: Transitions andGrowthKevin J. O'Brien and Lianjiang Li, Rightful Resistance inRural ChinaMinxin Pei, China's Trapped Transition: The Limits ofDevelopmental AutocracyMargaret E. Roberts, Censored:Distraction and Diversion Inside China's Great FirewallEddy U, Disorganizing China: Counter-Bureaucracy and theDecline of SocialismChaohua Wang (ed.), One China, Many Paths [2005essay collection]Wang Hui, China's New Order: Society, Politics, and Economyin TransitionAndrew Wederman, From Mao to Market: Rent Seeking, Local Protectionism, and Marketization in ChinaHongda "Harry" Wu, Laogai: The Chinese GulagWu Hung, Remaking Beijing: Tiananmen Square and the Creation of a Political SpaceLi Zhang, Strangers in the City: Reconfigurations of Space, Power, and Social Networks Within China's Floating Population 041b061a72


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