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Proshow Producer V4: How to Create Slideshows with Chinese Captions | Tech Review

in 2015, atem acquired the north american rights to the emmet software name. atem continue to use the emmet name as a brand that is synonymous with professional quality products. atem software products are widely used in the broadcast and entertainment industry and atem's purpose and passion for excellence has always been in sync with the needs of the industry.

chinese caption input in proshow producer v4

atem has been manufacturing professional video production software since the 1990's. in the last couple of years atem has revolutionized how small businesses and individuals can easily produce professional broadcast quality video using our proshow line of products. in each of our new proshow products, you get intuitive software with innovative picture in picture effects, picture automation, ultra-hd and more! atem proshow producer is the default choice for anyone looking to enter the professional video production market. not only does it feature intuitive software that allow you to easily create high quality content, you can also save and use it in conjunction with other professional video editing software.

proshow producer version 4 includes many exciting new features including a new ultra-hd workflow! the new feature lets you produce hd content from sd sources, while still staying true to your sd workflow. you can also now produce and play back ultra-hd content on 2 x uhd screens. this allows you to connect a monitor capable of playing 4k content to your proshow device, while using a less powerful 4k device to capture and edit your content.

traditional editing of still images is a great way to create stunning visual effects for promotional videos. you can use image rotators or image zooms to create moving backgrounds to create stunning, animated images for your video! if you want to animate your promo video like a video clip or short film, then you can use the transitions between still images or screen captures to create your clip!


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