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Construct 2 License File Crackl

Construct 2 License File

Construct 2 is a powerful game creation tool that allows anyone to make games without coding. However, to use Construct 2 without limitations, you need to purchase a license from Scirra or Steam. In this article, we will explain what a Construct 2 license file is, how to get one, and how to use it.

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What is a Construct 2 license file?

A Construct 2 license file is a text file named c2license.txt that contains your name, email address, and a unique code that verifies your purchase of Construct 2. The license file removes the restrictions of the free edition of Construct 2, such as the maximum number of events, layers, effects, and export options. It also grants you access to extra sound effects, music and sprite packs to help you get started making games.

There are two types of licenses available for Construct 2: Personal and Business. The Personal license is suitable for individuals and not-for-profit organisations who want to use Construct 2 for personal or educational purposes. The Business license is required for individuals who have made over $5000 from using Construct 2, or for commercial organisations who want to use Construct 2 for profit. You can use the [What License Do I Need] tool to quickly discover which license you are required to use.

How to get a Construct 2 license file?

You can get a Construct 2 license file by purchasing Construct 2 from either Scirra or Steam. Both options have the same features and price, but they have different ways of managing the license.

If you purchase from Scirra, you will be sent a redeem key by email. This is a special code that you can enter to the [Scirra Store] and get your license file. You can then download the c2license.txt file and save it to your computer. You can also buy a license for someone else by giving them the redeem key and letting them get their own license file from the store.

If you purchase from Steam, then Steam will manage the license for you. You just need to install Steam, log in and download Construct 2 from your library. You don't need to worry about the c2license.txt file at all.

How to use a Construct 2 license file?

If you have purchased from Scirra and have a c2license.txt file, you need to copy it to either My Documents or the install directory (where Construct2.exe is located). This will activate your license and remove the free edition limits. You must not modify the license file at all, as any change will cause Construct 2 to reject the license and revert to the free edition.

If you have purchased from Steam, then you don't need to do anything else. Just launch Construct 2 from Steam and enjoy making games!

You can use your license on as many computers as you like, as long as you are the only one who uses it. If you want to use Construct 2 on another computer, just copy the c2license.txt file (if you bought from Scirra) or install Steam and log in (if you bought from Steam) on the other computer.


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